TurnAid Complete System  

TurnAid is a medical device aid developed to mount on a care bed which is a unique combination of an electrically driven turning sheet and two bed rails.

TurnAid was developed to optimise the situations in relation to the care, moving and handling of persons with severe physical disabilities in hospitals, institutions or their own homes. 

TurnAid improves the carer working environment as it increases the safety when moving or turning the patient and only requires one carer.

TurnAid is also suitable for persons at risk of acquiring pressure ulcers, as the construction of the system allows moving of the patient in the sheet, which reduces the friction that occurs between the patient and the sheet.

TurnAid handles persons with a weight of up to 200kg, and does so with maximum consideration to both patient and staff. 

In 'stand by' mode, TurnAid is set in a low position, where the care needed is not only shielded by the safety of bed rails, but the patients is also placed in an ethical and dignified position with a free view to the surroundings.The system is secured against misuse when both hand and foot control are connected.  If both are activated at the same time, none of them will operate.



* Optimises the workflow associated with the reversal, displacement and seating of persons with severe physical disabilities
* Improves working environment and increases safety and dignity
* Easily installed on most types of care beds using the built-in universal bracket and meets Medical Directive
* 200kg SWL
* Optional accessories include foot control, extra hand control and white sheets    

TurnAid Complete System Includes:
2 Bedrails with integrated electric turning system (right and left)
1 Control box with power cable, motor cables, bracket and hand control
1 Turning Sheet
1 Glide Sheet            

Optional Accessories
Turning Sheets
Gliding Sheets
Extra Hand Control
Foot Control
Transport and mounting trolley
Transport bags

 TurnAid is both designed and produced in Denmark.