Why Choose TurnAid?

For the User/Patient:

  • Bed rail you can look out of
  • Bed rail you can hold on to
  • Gentle turning and moving


For the Caregiver:

  • Reduces carers from 2 to 1. (It only takes 1 person to turn/move the patient, normally takes 2).
  • Easy and simple to operate.
  • Easy to move the patient from side to side to reduce working distance (good for the back) and easy to turn the patient on to the side.
  • Possible to mount 1 or 2 foot controls
  • Easy to change sheets.
  • The lower position of the bed can still be used, also on extra low beds.


For the Service Department:

  • Easy, simple and quick to install (15-20 min) No technician required.
  • Easy to maintain and to carry out service inspection.
  • Very few parts can break, and they are all easily replaced.


For the Decision Maker:

  • Ensure good working environment for the caregiver. (Ergonomically correct working position).
  • High safety for the patient (Bed rail also on the opposite side of the caregiver).
  • Cost effective at purchase.
  • Cost effective at operation and maintenance.